As of late I’ve really been discovering the power of affirmations and their effects on my life. A long time ago I had tossed affirmations aside, with the thought that they really weren’t effective or useful. This was probably because I wasn’t committed to using them for long enough, or I wasn’t really focusing on them as I wrote or spoke them aloud.

That has all changed for me recently with the inclusion of several key affirmations in my morning journaling sessions. Today’s post is about a recent discovery, though, that I feel has made affirmations even more effective in my life.

I’ve found writing my affirmations to be much more effective as a means of getting them into my head, but it is all personal preference. What really struck me and convinced me that these things may actually have merit was the concept of my last post, Creating Time. The affirmation along the lines of “I have all the time, money, success, love, and happiness in the world.” When I began saying this phrase, I really felt as if there was no way I could make more time in my life or feel free to do whatever I wanted. Shortly after I began writing this phrase in my morning journal each morning, I began noticing changes. I started realizing that a lot of the things I was committing my time to really weren’t that important to me. Many books I felt I had to read, I suddenly lost interest in as I realized they weren’t things I was truly interested in. As a result of all of these thought changes, I suddenly found myself with several hours of more free time.

Now, because of the results of this isolated experiment, I’ve decided to test out a few more phrases for things that I would like to incorporate in my life. These include phrases like, “I am patient” and “I have enough”. I’m am anticipating that my mind will adapt to these phrases, and I may actually incorporate them into my life. If that is the case, I would be ecstatic- whether it is my own mind doing it or the effect of the affirmations themselves.

I wanted to also mention that I started, without intending to, writing many of my affirmations in cursive writing rather than writing them in print. It stands out in my writing as I journal 3 pages each morning, following the Morning Pages ritual by Julia Cameron, but I write any affirmations I include in cursive. After I began doing this, I really started “feeling” these affirmations more as I wrote them. I felt more a part of the writing as I began writing in cursive, and I feel something related to the letters of each word being connected, and my mind and hand working together to produce the phrases, causes them to stick into my mind more.

I tried looking on Google to see if anyone else had this experience, and it didn’t look like many people had, so I had to write about it. I will be one of the first to say that I really feel that writing in cursive somehow increases my connection and my acceptance of the affirmations that I am writing in my morning pages.

If you have had this experience, or happened to stumble upon this page with the same idea, share your outcome below and lets start a dialogue. For everyone else, try giving cursive writing a shot in your journaling sessions, and let me know if you notice a difference.