“Insist on yourself; never imitate.. but of the adopted talent of another you have only an extemporaneous half possession. That which each can do best, none but his Maker can teach him.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Living with Authenticity is not something that most people think about, especially not in their early 20’s and 30’s. This is why those than learn this idea early, triumph over those that learn it later in life. To live an Authentic life is the mark of an individual who cares about his purpose. Living to one’s most-powerful  set of standards is the highest benefit that can be done for our personal growth.

The way you live your life is an expression of who you are as a person. On a deeper level, the way you choose to  live out and align with your own personal beliefs and visions, is an expression of how much confidence and trust you have in yourself.

In order to live an Authentic life, we must first decide what we want. This is not an easy task, but setting out the way you want to live and the person you want to be is the necessary key to living a fulfilling life. First, picture in your mind your ideal version of yourself. If what you are right now is version 1.0, visualize yourself at version 10.0, the ultimate version and the highest vision you have of your being. With this picture held in mind, notice how this person looks, feels, acts, and talks. Would this person do what you’re doing in life now? Would this person worry himself over the problems that seem to plague each and every day recently?

To live an Authentic Life, we must ask ourselves what the highest version of ourselves would do, Version 10.0. After asking ourselves this question, it becomes our mission to follow the path that living this 10.0 lifestyle would have us follow.

If something is not in line with this 10.0 lifestyle, quite simply- don’t do it. I found myself, early in life, acting towards others in the way that I thought would best appeal to them. What this had me doing was adopting traits from people, and when I was around them I would mold to these people’s personalities. While this sounds good from a rapport-building point of view, it had me living life with “multiple-personalities.” No, not as serious as the psychological disorder, but still- walking into each and every situation I felt like a different person. What I realized was that living life this way had me living a life that was crafted for other people. In having this realization I gained the wisdom that if I am to truly be happy, I have to express who I am without the mask.

What we need to realize, as early as possible, is that our lives are entirely crafted by our own thoughts and attitudes. If I want to live the most fulfilling life possible, I have to do what is most in line with myself and my beliefs. I have to take the actions that most align with who I am.

If I am constantly acting towards other people the way they expect me to act, or saying things that don’t match with the way I truly feel as a person, but doing so to vibe with other people- I am not living as authentically as I can. Authenticity is about lining up your beliefs, and absolutely living your life with these standards in mind. We want to become version 10.0 of ourselves, with these principles as the rules and commandments of our existence. Wayne Dyer used to say, “You don’t manifest what you want, you manifest what you are,” and I completely agree with him. If something doesn’t line up with one of my beliefs, I am not afraid to confront it. Cultivating this strength in our purpose and belief system is essential to begin truly having personal power.

Increasing the confidence and strength we have in our belief system, is a force limited only by the power of our will. With enough intention, we can convince ourselves of anything. Done in the right context, we can absolutely live a life that is fulfilling to our highest purpose.

I talk about the existence of a higher self on Authentic Growth quite often. It may not exist off in a spiritual world somewhere (or maybe it does), but rather I like to think of it as the aspects of ourselves that would most leave us feeling amazing at the end of each day- if only we lived them. I like to think of my higher self by visualizing myself at the end of my life. I picture my higher self looking back and feeling amazing for everything it has accomplished. From this point, I trace the life of my higher self back to the present moment, where I am visualizing everything as if it were real. Doing this, I get a sense that I am connected to that ideal version of myself, and I am better able to cultivate the strength and willpower to live my life from this enhanced perspective.

Living from the viewpoint of our higher self, we feel a sense of joy. We are doing what we were meant to do, we are getting closer to the higher purpose set out for us. This is the beginning of self-actualization, of Authentic Growth, in the making.

When all else is taken care of, the only thing left to do is grow. As a tree reaches for the sky, I reach for my highest potential. This is what Authentic Growth is all about. The highest version of our self is the pinnacle of our existence and as we work to achieve that lifestyle through small, incremental changes, our lives get compoundingly better. Living by the standards, ideals, and vision of our higher self, we are capable of doing things that leave others watching in awe. When you are aligned with your higher self, people will look on and wonder how you can accomplish everything you accomplish. They will ask you, and even try and tempt you to leave those ideals behind. Listen only to your self. Your true ideals are what will guide you to the path of fulfillment, not the ideals of others. You have to be strong in the face of the opposition. Growing in this way, our obstacles become our greatest victories.

When others try to tempt you, in an effort to make themselves feel better about their own unfulfilled lives, you must react with passion- and strength, through succeeding in your own vision of life.

Live with the confidence and wisdom that this is the way you want to proceed with life. Let everyone know that this is the life you have chosen. You have fulfillment in your sight, you have love in your heart, and you have peace all around you. These are your goals, and following through with an Authentic Life is the key to attaining them. Listen to yourself, write down what you want to be, do, and have. Envision You Version 10.0, and ask how you can be more like him. You will get an answer, and if you follow it- I’m sure you will find what you are looking for.

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-Anthony from AuthenticGrowth.com