The books on this list have had a tremendous impact on my growth. I’ve broken this out into general categories, so be sure to scroll through for all of them. I’ve recommended these books to friends, colleagues, and anyone close to me whom I know want to improve their life. If you’re looking for a great book to promote positive change, you’ll find many in the list below.

Personal Growth

War of Art Obstacle Is The Way Outwitting The Devil Awaken The Giant WIthin
Meditations The Big Leap A Guide To The Good Life Transform Your Beliefs, Transform Your Life
So Good They Can’t Ignore You The Sedona Method The Artist’s Way The Master Key System

Psychology - Mindset

Man’s Search For Meaning Influence Mindset Willpower
Anti-fragile Deep Work - Cal Newport The Happiness Hypothesis 10% Happier
Black Box Thinking - Matthew Syed The How of Happiness No More Mr. Nice Guy Emotional Release Therapy

Personal Finance - Money Mindset

The Millionaire Next Door The Wealthy Barber Early Retirement Extreme Think and Grow Rich
Rich Dad Poor Dad I Will Teach You To Be Rich Beyond Wealth Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind

Spiritual - Moving Books

The Power of Now The Surrender Experiment You Can Heal Your Life The Dark Side of The Light Chasers
Dying To Be Me Power Vs Force Feelings Buried Alive Never Die The Four Agreements


1984 Brave New World Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance The Alchemist

Health & Fitness Books

The Primal Blueprint The 4-Hour Body The Leangains Method Tools of The Titans
True To Form Breatheology Born to Run The Wahls Protocol

The AuthenticGrowth book shelf is constantly growing. If you make it a practice to read one, two, or several of these books over the course of a few months - you will be amazed at the effects they have on your mind. This list will continue to expand new books are recommended to me. If you’ve read a book that had a large impact on your life and you think it should be added to this list - let me know below.