This post is not an avocation for getting LASIK, but rather a mind dump of the fact that one simple question I asked myself recently has irrevocably altered by future. I’m using LASIK here as an example of something that I just underwent three days ago, and have now had my life permanently bettered because I did so. The question I asked myself is below:

What on your list of life tasks can you take the first step in completing today?

I asked myself this as I was writing my New Years resolutions the final week of December. This question lead me to performing a google search for nearby LASIK clinics, and signing up for a free LASIK consultation while I was mid-resolution writing. That is to say- I literally signed up for a consultation as I was writing my New Years resolutions and because I took that first step, two weeks into 2015 I now have 20/20 vision.

LASIK was something I always wanted to have done, but it was one of those mysterious things that I was waiting for some sort of catalyst to push me into action. This question was the impetus to get me moving on my journey to perfect vision. After having the surgery done and seeing how wonderful everything turned out, I’ve begun questioning which other aspects of my life have I been putting off.

What is one thing you could start doing right now that would make the rest of your year permanently better?

Now that I see how easy it was to have LASIK performed (it took literally two weeks from thought to finish), I’ve realized that there are so many other things on my life list that I can get rolling with right now. One of those things was researching and vetting out different Six Sigma certification programs for the upcoming year. Another one of them was fine-tuning a consistent workout program to get my elusive bench press to a respectable number in 2016. How many other things have been waiting for a spark of insight to get going?

With each goal you accomplish you being creating for yourself an ”Exponential Growth Cycle”

Seriously. With each positive outcome I have with my goals, my confidence in my ability to accomplish things I set out to do increases. This leads me to setting more goals for myself, of which more of them I will complete. Ultimately it ends up creating an exponential growth cycle where I accomplish a host of things in one year that most people, including my old self, wouldn’t have accomplished in even 5 years. I live for these Exponential Growth Cycles and it is core at the heart of the Authentic Growth mindset. When you live with this as a permanent habit, your results become outstanding.

Make living an outstanding life a standard. Ask yourself what one (or two, or three) things you can start doing today to make this year the greatest year of your life.

More about Creating Exponential Growth Cycles:

Get started with setting your goals and perfecting your habits and you’ll be better off than 98% of the world around you.

-Anthony from Authentic Growth