“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.” -Ernest Hemingway

Readers of Authentic Growth know that I am a big fan of The Hoffman Process, a 6-8 day residential retreat that is devoted to personal growth and transformational exercises. My Hoffman Process retreat was during October of 2014 at their Connecticut retreat site after they had just updated the process and updated the materials. I experienced some crazy shifts in perspective and in my belief system during that week in Connecticut. I also knew shortly after coming back home that I would be attending their Q2 graduate course as soon as I could.

First you may notice that there aren’t as many reviews of Q2 as there were about the Hoffman Process.

I searched and really all I could find was “Expect something different each time you go.” While this was encouraging, I was still curious to see if the Q2 would produce as much positive change in me as the process did. I underwent some serious personal growth changes at the Hoffman Process, some that caused me to permanently think in new and empowering ways. Could the Q2 possibly have the same affect in new areas? After attending Q2, I now have that answer.

The first step to experiencing positive change in your life, is realizing that you have to be the one taking action.

No one else is going to force you to change the way you are, not unless you’re forced to live with someone who can’t take you anymore. If you ever get to this point, its too late, so the best thing to do is to prepare ahead of time and avoid getting in these situations. The Q2 attracts all sorts of people, the best part being that as a Hoffman Graduate you should have at least one thing in common with everyone. Some people are in as bad a state as previously mentioned, whereas others are there just to expand their Hoffman experience.

The purpose of Q2 is different than that of the traditional Hoffman Process

At Q2, you’re asked to come in with a main objective. In my case, I was going in with the goal of overcoming fears I had related to my work and my career development. Some people went in to heal relationships, others went in to get over things that they had forgotten to address at their original Process. My Q2 class was around half the size of my Hoffman Process, with 17 attendees for the 3 day weekend. We were all prepared to experience great things, and it took little time before everyone was back in the flow of pattern-bashing and visualization.

My first impression at Q2 was that things were different, and yet there were definite similarities

The first thing to note is that since Q2 is only three days, you don’t build up as strong of a bond with your classmates as you would on the 6-8 days Hoffman Process. That’s not to say that you won’t get close with your fellow Hoffman graduates, you certainly will. There are plenty of back and forth sessions paired up as partners, and still plenty of sharing participation to make up a great weekend. If you’re missing bashing from The Process, don’t despair- you’ll have plenty of time to do that too.

I released patterns at Q2 that I had overlooked during the process, and that made Q2 and incredibly valuable experience for me

I don’t think I’m alone in saying that when you come back from The Process, you’re quickly confronted with patterns that you weren’t previously aware of. Returning for Q2, I was prepared to take on the largest patterns affecting me since The Process. Having these lists ready as part of the pre-Q2 work helped, and you will have time during Q2 to clarify and add to your lists. I came back from Q2 a better person, more capable of handling things in the office and in expressing myself. While The Process is just a whole leap into another world, the Q2 is a re-visitation from a more grounded perspective after having been through the process. You’re now able to take what you’ve learned since The Process and re-examine those aspects of yourself that you’d like to change.

**You will have a chance to confront many similar parts of yourself as you did during The Process **

Whether it be your dark side, your mother and father’s patterns, or your inner child - expect to be reintroduced to these aspects of yourself. My personal favorite was the re-invigoration of the quadrinity. Expressing myself separately from the intellect, the emotional self, the spiritual self and the body really clarifies the messages that we’re ignoring when we’re caught up in day-to-day activities. At Q2 you will have time to go over many of the things that you faced at The Process, giving you a chance to overcome any residual or newly-discovered aspects of those experiences.

I recommend at least one Q2 for all Hoffman Graduates - and it is true that you can attend Q2 more than once

I intend to one day re-visit Q2 when there are new aspects of my life calling for expression. As life continues, there are always new situations arising that provoke hidden patterns to rise to the surface. If you’re reading this wondering whether you should attend Q2- I recommend going in with a pure focus and goal in mind. With this focused intention, you will certainly experience the shift you are looking for.

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-Anthony from AuthenicGrowth.com