This is a thought experiment in authenticity… what will you become?

What if we lived this way? As if our thoughts were not private?

What kind of person would you be? Is it the type of person you think yourself to be?

The person you become by living your life as if your thoughts are not private is the person you really are.

After we adapt to the idea that our thoughts are not private for this experiment, I suspect a few things will begin to happen.

We will be forced to recognize the errors of our thinking. The negative thoughts that we allow to infiltrate our minds will become more apparent.

How quickly would you change your thinking if everyone around you could hear and feel what was in your mind?

Would you allow yourself to self-loathe or to call yourself names? How about hating or projecting negative ideas about other people?

If you take conscious control of your thoughts by living as if they were not private, how much better would your inner world become?

How much more control would you have over your life?

This is an experiment in Authentic Living.

Do you have the willpower and personal capacity to try this out?

The Experiment: Live life with this as a standard, as if your thoughts were not private, for 10 days. Watch what happens.

If you make it 10 days, try 15 days. If you make it 15 days, then try 30 days.

If you can grow accustomed to living this way, and you see the benefits of this experiment coming forth in your mental landscape..

Why not attempt to live the rest of your life this way?

**Some benefits I have experienced: **

  • You realize just how negative and destructive your own thoughts are

  • You learn to consciously control the flow of thoughts flying in and out of your mind

  • You start living more authentically, expressing and feeling only the things you want yourself to feel

  • You’re forced to clean up your act

  • You can’t hide or live with ‘cognitive dissonance’ anymore

  • You realize just how much you project onto other people

  • You realize who you really are and adjust to live from a better place in life

These are just a few of the shifts I’ve experienced, there are many more subtle feelings in addition to these.

Now this is a test, an experiment that could improve your life even if tried for only a few days. Will you partake it in?

-Anthony From

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