Over the years I’ve tested a lot of different mind supplements. MagicMind is a new brain booster I’ve been enjoying during COVID lockdown. As a bio-hacker at heart I’ve grown through seeing and becoming aware of how vitamins and nutrients affect my mind. I’m always looking for new things. I’ve strayed away from products that are just chemical concentrates, because these tend to overstimulate or have negative side affects. MagicMind is something new and the ingredient list is excellent.

Enter Magic Mind

For the first time since trying out a nootropic mix called Tian Chi a while back, I’ve found another product that has been doing wonders for me recently.

This bottled nootropic is called Magic Mind and after almost 30 days of use I’m loving it.

It’s got a lot in the mix, but the main components are Reishi and Lion’s Mane Mushroom complexes. Magic Mind also contains Ashwaganda and Citicholine amongst a few other ingredients.

The base itself is Matcha mixed with honey so it has a very herbal taste to it, but one I’ve grown fond of drinking each morning.

The feeling it gives me is hard to describe.

There is a pleasant thoughtfulness that sets in at around 30 to 45 minutes after drinking it. Thoughts start popping into my head that I can tell otherwise may have slipped away.

I’ve had a lot of productive moments after taking Magic Mind. Solving problems that are usually complex, automating things, and finding myself more curious to research ideas I would normally write down and never get to.

Is it placeabo, you might ask?

I’ve tried a lot of supplements and have an instinct now for when they work and when they don’t. Magic Mind works.

There is no referall or affiliate link for Magic Mind. I’m writing this just to put it out there in the ether because I’ve found it has made working from home during quarantine more enjoyable.

Do with this post what you will.

Magic Mind