Quick Note: This is a short post, and though it is thought provoking! Be prepared for some mild, even depressing, self-introspection.

Now Imagine this: You’re 90 years old, in a hospital bed, looking out into the world.

You know your time has come, and you can’t help but wish you had just one more day to live on this earth.

How much would you pay for that one more day?

Think about it, actually come up with a number.

Now, for the next important question.

If you would pay that much for one more day, why are you spending your day the way you are now?

“Now” as in this week, last week, yesterday. Whether it was laying in bed, worrying about things, doing things you don’t love.

Every day is worth just as much as what you would pay for that one extra day at the end of your life.

Knowing this, what have you’ve been putting off doing?

I ask myself these questions every month or two, to see where my heads at. It may benefit AuthenticGrowth readers to do the same.