“All true tea lovers not only like their tea strong, but like it a little stronger with each year that passes.” – George Orwell

I used to love a good cup of coffee. I didn’t think much of coffee when I was younger - but when I entered the work force it was taken for granted that everyone expected to have at least one cup of coffee while they went about their day. I quickly joined that force as I found coffee helped me wake up in the mornings and focus more on my work. One cup in the morning quickly turned into another afternoon cup, and sometimes a third for good measure. I didn’t see anything wrong with this - until, that is, I started having some pretty severe stomach acid problems.

The Dark Side of The Dark Roast

Now this was something that came as a total surprise to me. Everything I had read suggested coffee has numerous health benefits, which it does, but nothing I had read really stuck out the fact that coffee is a highly acidic drink that can cause problems on it’s own. All of the coffee I was drinking started to influence stomach acid production in my body - slowly eating at my digestive lining. I needed to kick the habit but I was so used to drinking a few cups a day that I was determined to find an alternative route.

In Comes Pu-Erh - A Tea Worthy of Your Ex-Coffee Mug

Right around this time, I had finished listening to an episode of the Tim Ferriss Show podcast where he mentioned a new blend of Pu-erh tea he was testing with a few other ingredients. I had heard people mention Pu-erh a few times but I thought - “Tea? Meh there’s a million teas, that one probably is just like all the others.” I’ll admit I had wanted to try something new though, so I went and bought some Pu-erh Tea from my local 99 Ranch market. My first reaction was that this stuff was pretty good. My second reaction was - I think I’ve found what I need to kick the habit.

Think Of Yourself As A Non-Coffee Drinker

The first step to kicking the coffee habit, if you want to do it entirely, is to consider yourself a non-coffee drinker from the start. Many self-development books reference the idea that “100% is easy, 99% is tough.” By this they mean that if you commit to changing a habit 100% of the time, instead of “just sometimes”, you are way more likely to succeed. That’s what this tip is about here - just wake up on day one and say “I’m a non-coffee drinker” and start your trials in the pu-erh tea arena. You’ll of course want to get extra rest the night before - caffeine withdrawal is a very real thing, but that isn’t to say that you can’t supplement with a little bit of green tea to help.

Lower Cholesterol, Improve Your Digestion, Reduce FAS (Fatty Acid Synthesis)

You read that heading correctly. There are numerous studies on nlm.nih.gov touting the benefits of Pu-erh Tea for improving several key ailments that affect many people in the Western world. I personally drink a cup of Pu-erh in the morning and usually after lunch if I am in the office. I find that after a meal, Pu-erh Tea really helps me stay awake and though this is anecdotal I can definitely attest improved digestion aspects of these studies. I feel that Pu-erh helps prevent blood sugar spikes if I drink it shortly after eating a meal at my desk. I’m not a doctor of course and can’t say whether you will feel the same, but I can say that drinking Pu-erh tea is worth a shot based on the research available. I’ve personally convinced 3 other colleagues to buy a box and they love it.

Be A Little Different - And Watch As Your Health Improves

Pu-erh tea has officially helped me kick coffee for the last 4 months. With the concept that I am a “non-coffee drinker” in mind, I have thoroughly corrected my stomach acid issues and probably saved quite a bit of money by not having anything to buy when I pass a Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts. It’s amazing that you can go from 2 or 3 cups every single day to 0 cups a week and still function at the same or an even higher level. That’s what I’ve discovered since I stopped drinking coffee and started drinking Pu-erh Tea, and I know you too can discover it for yourself.

-Anthony From AuthenticGrowth.com