To make it into a discipline is to give too large a role to what is only an incitement. Reading is on the threshold of the spiritual life; it can introduce us to it: it does not constitute it.”** -**Proust on reading

I’m writing this post today - speaking from the perspective of a person who on average reads 100 books a year.

I’ve had a realization this week that all of this book reading may actually be preventing me from seeing who I really am.

Don’t get me wrong, reading quality books has got to be one of the healthiest addictions that any person can have, but stay with me here for a second.

What happens when you constantly have your head in a book is that your mind is swimming in other peoples thoughts. This may not be a bad thing for growth, its always great to be inspired by other people. I’m starting to question now, though, when is it that we take a break from swimming in thoughts of others and start to list to our own voice?

With me, I’m always reading 2-3 different books simultaneously during any given week, and all of these ideas are floating around in my head as I progress through each day of my life.

But where, now, are my own thoughts? With all of these thoughts from other people floating around in my mind, which ones are actually mine?

Here is where my challenge for you and for myself comes: The 7-Day Book Fast. That’s right: No books for one week.

Boy with books

This may sound absolutely simple for non-book readers. “Sure,” you’ll say, “I can do that seeing as I don’t read anyway”.

Well I’ve got a challenge for you folks as well. For Non book readers: Stop watching TV, listening to the news, or reading shared Facebook posts.

The goal of this challenge here is for you to give your mind a chance to speak its own thoughts. To give your mind time to consume the vast amounts of ideas that you’ve given it, and to adjust them into your own personality.

Can you handle being with your own thoughts?

-Anthony From