We all waste an incredible amount of physical energy unconsciously for no reason. Whether its tensing our muscles for no or doing tasks in a way that are really not beneficial for our body or our livelihood.

Here’s a fun game you can play to improve awareness of this. I’ve adapted from the book In Search of The Miraculous.

I call it the “Stop Game”.

Periodically throughout the day, have someone send you a text that says “Stop” or “Freeze”. If you don’t have any friends to share this with, you can also play this game just by randomly saying to yourself (in your head) “Stop” throughout the day.

The moment you receive that text message, you have to freeze in your position and become conscious of all of tension in your muscles at that very moment.

**Are your muscles tensed in a way that you could not hold for another 5-10 minutes? **When you’re first beginning, often times the answer will be “Yes! That would be absolutely painful!”

[caption id=”attachment_875” align=”aligncenter” width=”720”]Relaxation You will feel like this after a few weeks of practicing The Stop Game[/caption]

After you consciously take notice, relax all of your muscles, and text your friend back saying thanks.

Start to make conscious all of this wasted “tensing” of your muscles, and you’ll start to break the unconscious habits that lead you to giving away precious energy throughout the day.

After a few weeks of playing this game, you will start to consciously take less “energy-wasting” positions for your everyday tasks. Whether its walking, cleaning the dishes, or even sitting in your chair. Pay attention to the uncessary tension, and let it go. This practice will help make you conscious of your unconscious habits.

In In Search of The Miraculous, they actually played this game in real life. Whenever their guru said “Stop” they were FORCED to stop until he said they could resume moving. At one point in the story, one of the students was in a river while the tide was rising, and all of his classmates were afraid he was going to be seriously injured because they simply weren’t allowed to move.

Imagine if you had to do this, how quick would you change your habits? This modern version is a little easier, so give it a go. If you found this useful share it with a friend, and let me know your thoughts in the comments below.