While listening to the audio-book version of The Dark Side of the Light Chasers, I heard Debbie Ford say something that really resonated with me.

There’s a part in the book where she’s talking to a workshop attendee about the idea of doing anger release work, and how that attendee may actually be keeping fat on her body to protect her from her suppressed emotions.

Yes this sounds a little quaky, but I thought about it and I realized that I don’t often express my anger. This got me wondering how and what kind of effect avoiding anger is having on my life.

An exercise Debbie suggests to release emotions is to take a plastic wiffle ball bat and repeatedly hit a soft pillow with it while shouting obscenities and releasing all of the anger that you never released towards something or whomever has thoroughly upset you in your life.

I decided to do a variation of this exercise, by putting on some boxing gloves and thinking back to my childhood when I felt defenseless or angry towards “bullies” or authority figures. I then released all of this emotion on my Body Opponent Bag, yelling and saying all of the things I never said in these past memories. At the end of this, which was around 10 minutes of work, I felt exhausted.

The release of all of this emotion felt amazing though. I noticed something interesting too, when I think back to these memories they now seem more faded in my mind. In other words, I feel as if these memories don’t stand out as much when I think back to them after I’ve done an exhausting round of anger release work on them.

I’ve done it for three days now as part of my morning workouts at home and I feel much better throughout the day. I’m going to keep it up until I feel that I’ve released everything I’ve bottled up over my lifetime. There may just be something to this.

In the mean time, ask yourselves this: What emotions you may not be expressing properly? How might suppressing these emotions be affecting your daily life?

You may be surprised, like I was, to find that releasing these emotions is an incredibly liberating experience.

-Anthony From AuthenticGrowth.com