While listening to an older episode of Bulletproof Radio podcast with Steven Fowkes recently, and I got the undeniable feeling that Steven was against drinking coffee but didn’t really want to say so on the podcast episode.

Being the inquisitive guy I am I decided to email him after I finished the episode and ask him his thoughts about coffee.

It turns out it wasn’t so much the Coffee that he was against, but rather Caffeine consumption itself.

I haven’t seen an explanation as succinct and useful as the one Steven wrote me, and you can trust that his references are well-founded. Here it is below:


Many people have problems with caffeine.

1. It’s an adrenal stimulant, which masks hypothyroidism. So risks of adrenal exhaustion increase with regular use.

2. It has strong pH effects, acidifying for 2 hours, alkalinizing for the next 8 hours. People with alkaline pH imbalances can get addicted, and it gets worse over time.

3. Caffeine interferes with sleep architecture and DNA repair. Even one cup a day.

4. Caffeine alters brain wave patterns and can affect behavior. Good and bad.

5. Coffee is a source of mycotoxins and carcinogens (and anti-carcinogens).

The bottom line is that caffeine is an insecticide, produced by plants to kill insect predators.  In humans, it is merely a mild nerve irritant.  For me, it is items 1, 3 and 2 in that order.

So is the answer Decaf? Not sure about that one yet. Decaf coffee requires a highly mechanical process to remove the caffeine, which degrades the nutrient value of the final product.

I’m really thankful that Steven got back to me so quickly on this one with such great info. You can check out his website at ProjectWellbeing.com for more health-related posts from him.

What are your thoughts? While I’ve always enjoyed a nice cup of coffee, recently I’ve switched to Pu-erh tea which is much less stimulating.

-Anthony from AuthenticGrowth