Once you begin following the tenets of an Authentic Growth lifestyle, you will start noticing the traits that define future success and future mediocrity everywhere around you.

You will see them in the mailman, who is too lazy to walk to the door. You will see them in the man at the gym, who is up early getting ready to start his day with his health in mind. You will see them in the office employee, sneaking out the door early to catch some hours for herself. You will see them in the other office employee, spending a Friday night reading a good book to develop himself.

When you take the steps necessary to enhance your own growth, it is only a matter of time before you start to see success in your life.

There are many success factors that lead to a fulfilling life, a few of my favorite are: Exercising, meditating, reading, journaling, understanding yourself, gratitude, developing your own life philosophies, understanding the nature of the world, learning to accept things for what they are, loving yourself and everyone else in the world. These are just a few of the practices that, compounded over time, are virtually guaranteed to bring more success in your life than if you hadn’t practiced them. I used to be concerned with instant results- luckily, that isn’t the case anymore. Now I realize that the longer someone works at something- the more persistence they have in their efforts, the more they will benefit from every positive habit they practice.

There are no shortcuts to success. You are what you practice daily. If you are not now living the way that is required to achieve your goal, you are not in the process of achieving your goal.

If you were to take one new habit each month and implement it for 30 days, you will find out just how easy it is to integrate great habits into your life. Start with one, that’s all it takes. I think the best habit to get started with is a tie between exercise and reading books. I’ve been exercising and hitting the gym since high school, so that one was already ingrained in my head. Reading is that habit I chose to adapt that has absolutely changed my life. Over the last 3 years, I have read over 300 books. You have to ask yourself now- What happens to a man’s life, his personality, and his environment when he voluntarily reads 300 books? I’m telling you- the change is unimaginable.

The Average person will not read. They will not present themselves to tasks that require any effort to grow. They will accept their resistance, and flounder- while you thrive

Its easy to be a success with so many people giving up on achieving their dreams. With so many people not being willing to do what it takes, there are only maybe 1 out of 100 people that have the right stuff within them to accomplish their goals. The successful person cares about growth opportunities. He or she realizes that every situation in life is a learning opportunity. Had a bad day? Well- what did you learn from it? I love to read and practice stoic philosophy, because it just vibes with my attitude so well. The stoics don’t take things personally, and neither should you. If you want to learn how to not take things so personally, I recommend you read The Guide To The Good Life, it will get you started with an attitude towards life that is amazing.

If you want to change, start with something simple. Start with one book a month. When you’re comfortable with that, up your level to two.

When I first started reading, I sort of had an epiphany that got me reading around a book a week. Then I went a little crazy and started reading around two books a week. Then I realized the magic of audiobooks and how they can enhance my commute, and with that I started reading between 2-3 books in total. Even if you just added audiobooks in your life- you would be reading much more than you have previously. Believe it or not, audiobooks are freakin great! I love them, and the info in them definitely sticks with you if you pay conscious attention to what you’re listening to. I have gained so much from my use of audiobooks that I preach their wonders to anyone that can hear them.

The Successful person, or the eventual successful person, looks at every opportunity in life as an opportunity for growth, with each day as a day to be greater than yesterday.

The other day I made a really rookie move at work and almost re-wrote a very important column in a database that we use all the time. Not to bore you with databases, but rewriting and entire column is pretty bad, and I was scared to death after it happened. Did I give up and run out of the office when it happened? No. Did I beat myself up for 30 minutes? No. I took a deep breath, analyzed the situation, and assessed my options. Within minutes, I realized that I actually had a backup of that very column along with its unique values on my computer. I was able to restore 99% of them within minutes, and the final few afterwards were a few quick adjustments. What did I learn from this situation? Well- with a success attitude in mind, I pretty much learned a lesson I couldn’t even pay for- because the initial shock ingrained in my mind a great lesson.

If you want to overcome the average, start doing things that other people won’t do. Take the steps that others don’t want to take, and you will reap the benefits that others can only envy.

Even if you add just one habit to your lifestyle, whether it is any mentioned above or something all your own, you are differentiating yourself from the people around you. That one hour of meditation a day is one hour more than your co-workers. That 30 minutes spent journaling a day is 30 minutes of more self-understanding, each and every day of your life, than your counterparts. Those 4-5 trips to the gym? Years added onto your life- years that others may not benefit from because they decided it was better to sit at home and watch re-runs of old sitcoms. Enjoy your life now, and make it better each and every day. Use the time you have on earth wisely, to enhance your experience here, and to live your life the way it was meant to be lived. Take this opportunity now to enjoy who you are, and while thinking of that- expand your vision. Reach for your highest self, and live as if that person is who you are. Because over time, that vision will be you.

-Anthony from AuthenticGrowth.com

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