Today’s post is about a key ingredient in everyone’s daily growth and success…

There are certain base concepts that make up the whole of many of the teachings in personal growth and development.

When it comes down to it, sometimes the simplest things are the most powerful. Why is this?

Because the simpler things appear, the more often they are overlooked.

What you focus on, your life revolves around.

What you focus on, you become.

Knowing that your thoughts literally create your reality (we live mostly in our minds) then:

How important is it that we consciously choose what we focus on?

I’ll tell you- its probably the most important, fundamental thing you’ll ever learn.

If you choose to focus on thoughts of fear, worries, and doubts- your life will be miserable.

I’m not here to say that occasionally having those thoughts is terrible, but I am here to say that when we do have these thoughts- we have to choose something better. We need to take our focus and use it like a laser. Point it at the things that you desire, focus on what you want.

The most  important thing you need to know to live a happy life- is to focus on what you want.

To live a happy, fulfilling life.. We have to choose to have thoughts that make our lives better.

I’ve caught myself, several times in the past week, focusing on things that I didn’t want. And what happens when I do this? I create a world, albeit temporarily, where these thoughts run my life. I create a world where I am surrounded by images, worries, and doubts that I do not want. Who wants that? No one does. Yet we all allow ourselves to brood on doubts and fears.

I’ll ask you, following this post, to do one thing for me tomorrow:

When you catch yourself focusing on what you do not want, shift your focus onto something that you do want.

Realize that this world, the reality that you see around you, is basically a projection of your internal mind. All of the meaning that anything holds comes from your beliefs about these items, circumstances, and things. Choose to live in a reality that is as much of your conscious choice as possible. Sure, some things may be difficult to change- your environment for one thing. But begin to allow yourself to see things as they are outside of your environment.

Focus on what you want, and you may notice that things in your environment begin to shift.

You’ll notice things that you may have never noticed before, all because previously you had your focus on a different area of life.

I’ve made it a trigger now, and I continue to deepen this trigger, that when I find myself focusing on what I don’t want…

** I literally say out loud “Focus on what you want!”**

Alright, maybe it’ll be a little under my breath, but I still do it. What’s the cost of a happier life to you? Is it worth creating small success habits that bring you joy and success over time?

Think about what you are focusing on in life, and notice how shifting your focus can make all the difference. I’ll say it again, as its worth repeating:

What you focus on, you become. What do you want to be?

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