This week’s revelation is one who’s message I’ve still been actively applying in my life and realizing the effects it has had for me over the years.

Though you may not want to feel or think about certain things, you have to allow yourself to accept EVERY feeling that comes your way.

You cannot mentally resist a feeling in hopes that it will go away, you will be much happier allowing yourself to feel every thought and then let them go.

[caption id=”attachment_600” align=”aligncenter” width=”607”]freedom And then the epiphany happened…[/caption]

I remember watching “The Secret” years ago and thinking to myself how I no longer wanted to allow negative thoughts or emotions into my life. I thought that if I just ignored them or pretending I couldn’t hear them, that they would be gone, but this revelation has shown me otherwise. No matter how many times you attempt to ignore casual conversation about negative topics, they still exist. The resistance you build when trying to avoid these conversations, actually makes it even worse for you than if you were to just allow these ideas to flow right past you. I had this epiphany recently when my parents were talking about a news segment they saw on TV about a particularly saddening event. I felt myself getting all tense and wanting to burst out saying “Ok guys, can we talk about something a little happier?”

Then it suddenly hit me, like I’ve read a million times in multiple books and segments- “What you resist, persists”. I realized just how much I was resisting this conversation, and trying to change other people, which of course will never work. As soon as I realized that, I let my resistance go, and I allowed myself to let my parents be just as they were. I allowed myself to take in those ideas that they spoke of, let them be, and let the ideas flow past me. Life is much easier without resistance.

This, to me, has been a huge correction over the beliefs that I incorrectly picked up from my interpretation of “The Secret’s” message. I now know that I am supposed to FEEL everything that comes my way, and not try to limit my human experience just because I am concerned about the nature of the experiences coming my way. It is still important to consciously focus on positive experiences in life, however if you are resisting negative experiences, you are really just allowing the negative experiences to bother you- and they therefore still exist for you. Better to accept everything, and let them go so that it does not linger with you or bother you like it did before.

I’ll say it again, Life is much better when lived with non-resistance. Accept the things that come your way, work with them, and focus on the great things that are coming to you in due time.

“Arrange whatever pieces come your way.” -Virginia Woolf