One question that struck a chord with me several months ago, and continues to shape my life, is this:

 ”Are you too busy being a human doing, to realize you’re a human being?”

Enlightenment. Bam. That feeling of a click in my mind, a knowing that this thought would change my current life.

After hearing this question and absorbing the thought for a few seconds, the person followed it with:

“Maybe you need to allow yourself just to be.”

And with that my whole mindset took a shift in a new direction.

I never quite realize how much I was intellectualizing just about every aspect of my life.

I left that moment realizing how much I had really given up on certain areas of life that are so vital to the human experience.

One example was the area of music. Sure, I loved music, but before this conversation I had always chosen to listen to audiobooks when I drove, period.

Was this so bad? I thought not, until I realized that the primary belief driving this need to listen to audiobooks while I drove was:

**“I need to be doing something in order to be valuable” **

Which stems from the primary belief of:

“I’m not good enough”

Wow. Talk about awareness into a deep underlying belief.

After realizing that all of this crazy entrepreneurial stress I was putting on myself stemmed from a deeper belief that I wasn’t good enough, my world opened up.

 It was like a door had opened, a window raised, the room made brighter.

Rather than seeing the world as something I have to conquer and seeing every activity I do as something I NEED to do no matter what, I found freedom in the moment.

I’ll just reference the title of this post now, and say that my To-do lists began to get much much smaller

I caught myself adding things, reading books, and signing up for programs that I was only signing up for because I thought I wasn’t good enough as I was

It’s still very much true that books, programs, and videos can be beneficial for growth. Its still true that I read a lot, sign up for programs and strive to learn.

But the difference now is that the choice is with me. It is an OPTION, not a necessity. There is no stress involved. I don’t have to do anything.

I still write to-do lists, and I still keep my life very organized. But things have changed.

What will happen for you, when you realize how superficial most of your planned tasks are?

I challenge you, reader, to catch yourself when you feel you HAVE to do something and in that moment take a breath and just think…

“What if I didn’t really have to do this, what would happen? What other options are there?”

The secret to living a happier more fulfilled life is in realizing just how many other options are available to you during any given moment.

Go ahead and destroy your to-do list for a day.

Widdle it down to the most fundamental necessities and live your life like you have all of the options in the world.

Recommended Books on living the thoughts in this post: Conscious Living, The Big Leap