Ahhh reading. There’s nothing like it and I love reading books whether they be physical, ebooks, or an audio version. When growing up, we’re always told “you should read more!” Warren Buffet and Bill Gates (both at one point in their lives holding the title of richest person in the world) has been known to read voraciously. And with all this, even knowing that reading improves our lives in so many ways, many still find it hard to take the time to read a book. 

Well I’m here to tell you, as a voracious reader myself, that the dawn of companies like Audible have thoroughly changed my life. There are a lot of reasons why Audible has changed my life, but the main one being that they pioneered the landscape for digital audiobooks on devices like your smartphone. Prior to their digital download process - most audiobooks were purchased via CD and had to be played in a CD player. I actually used to do this for several years! But with Audible - you can download audiobooks straight to your phone or listen on the web.

This has changed the audiobook game dramatically - but there’s more that audiobooks can do for you.

Audiobooks Improve Your Commute

The first thing I noticed when I switched over to Audiobooks was that I instantly had something to look forward to while going through my morning and afternoon commute for work. I used to listen to the radio, Spotify, or a variety of different podcasts. While it’s great to listen to music sometimes - often the radioshows they play in the morning are just garbage going into your brain.

Podcasts were a good fix for this as I was able to learn things while driving, however they tend to be less structured and have a lot of fluff conversation in them before you get to the good material. There are some great conversations in podcasts, no doubt about it, but audiobooks were a gamechanger for me in this sense.

Audiobooks are primarily produced from physical books that have already gone through the heavy editorial process. What this means is that most of the books you’re listening to are a lot more condensed and have valuable information (or a great story!) throughout the book rather than having interspersed conversation as you would have in a podcast. I love Audible for this reason - I’m getting the same material I would from a print book while I’m driving.

They Fill Your Mind With Educational Material or A Great Story

The reason your parents always told you it was important to read is because for the most part reading is an educational process. Every book you read leaves your mind with something new to think about and quite often (particularly with non-fiction or business books) you leave a finished book with a new perspective or valuable life experience.

Audiobooks are no exception here. Every book you listen to fills your mind with something new. You’re absorbing new and very valuable material every time you open up the Audible app and take some time to listen. I always recommend non-fiction books because I’ve learned so much from listening to them, but even a great fiction book can leave you with a perspective you haven’t experienced in real life before.

You Can Finish More Books (And speed up the listening process!)

While I read a lot of physical or eBooks previously - Audiobooks take up a space in your day when you normally can’t read physical books or eBooks. I find myself listening most while I’m commuting, but I’ve also thrown on a pair of headphones while doing the dishes, walking on the treadmill (this is actually a perfect combo!), or even shoveling snow. These are all activities that are not ideal for holding a physical book - and listening makes it much easier.

On top of this - if you find that the audio is going too slow, you’re also able to speed up the playback. Audible has a speed feature that allows you to go anywhere from .5x speed to 3x the normal speed of the book. This is very useful, because after listening for some time, you may find that the normal speed is too slow for you depending on the title. I prefer to listen to 1.25x speed or even 1.5x speed if the book is a light read.

Through listening to Audible, I have been able to finish on average 30 more books a year just by listening to them on my smartphone. I remember reading a statistic a while back suggesting that the majority of people don’t finish a single book after graduating from High School. Audiobooks can and have changed that for many people - and it all starts with one listen.

They’re a Part of a Healthy **Addiction** Stack

Many people hear the word addiction and think ‘oh no - that is a bad word’. I have news for you: we’re all addicted to some things. I’ll happily profess that I’m addicted to the gym. It feels amazing going in there, lifting some weights, and leaving feeling that I’ve done something healthy for my body. Addictions don’t have to be bad - and that’s where the concept of a Healthy Addiction Stack comes in.

Audible (and reading in general) is a part of a stack of healthy addictions I have that improve my life and have become a part of my daily routine. Listening to a book every morning and filling my mind with new and valuable information or a great story is something that I’ve grown to love - and you will too. I couple this with other healthy addictions - like writing out my thoughts to clear my mind, practicing meditation or listening to a hypnosis audio track, working out, and getting a good sleep (this is an addiction too!). All of these routines combined create my Healthy Addiction Stack - a stack of habits that have had a largely positive impact on my life.

Stay Up To Date or Go Deeper Into New Subjects

The final thing I like to note is that audiobooks are a great way to learn new things about a subject you’re interested in but haven’t taken a course on or read in depth about before. They’re also a great way to keep up to date on newer technologies or industries.

One great example of this for me was the subject of CRISPR, a technology that allows scientists to modify DNA with potentially highly accurate precision. I was fascinated by this and wanted to learn more - so I decided to listen to a book called A Crack In Creation which dove directly into the history of CRISPR and the progress made with this technology so far. This was a subject I had literally no previous education in, but I was able to listen to the audiobook about it and get informed on a potentially world-changing technology.

I always recommend people start off with a book that they’ve always wanted to read (Harry Potter, 1984, Game of Thrones??) but never had the time or motivation to start. Once you find your first great read like I did, you will certainly be coming back for more. Pick something you’re interested in and definitely check out the reviews because a book’s narrator definitely influences how much you will enjoy a book. Get started today on Audible - you will feel happy you did.

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